Standard Features

  • Electric Motion Platform
  • Winds up to 30 knots
  • Gusts up to 15 Knots
  • Wind shear and turbulence
  • Laser markers for yaw and drift
  • Landing mode
  • Insurance discounts
  • Onboard Hobbs meter
  • Operates on a standard 15 amp outlet

Available Options

Custom Paint

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Since the early days of powered flight, pilots have struggled with landing in crosswinds and learning proper crosswind landing techniques. Even today, most crosswind landing skills are learned through trial and error … sometimes with disastrous results. Believe it or not, the most common contributing factor in weather related accidents each year is crosswinds. The second most common factor is wind gusts. In fact crosswinds and wind gusts cause more landing accidents than fog, thunderstorms, and icing combined!

That’s where the Redbird Xwind SE comes in. It teaches pilots the proper techniques to meet and beat these top two causes of weather related landing accidents. By placing pilots in gusty, crosswind conditions for extended periods of time, the Xwind SE gives instructors all the time they need to teach the pilot the proper techniques for landing in challenging crosswind conditions.

The Xwind SE adds a display and simulation computer which allows for more capabilities than the regular Xwind product.

Dimensions and Room Requirements:

To ensure proper, safe operation, the Xwind SE requires a space that is at least 12 feet long and 16 feet wide. It is strongly recommended that there be 30 feet of shared space in front the Xwind SE for proper visual field. For power, the Xwind SE requires only a standard 110 volt, 15 amp wall outlet.


Pricing Information:

Xwind SE Base Price: please call

Base Price Includes:

  • Installation kit
  • (3) 32″ HDTV Displays with Stand
  • XWindSE Simulation Computer
  • 1 year warranty (parts and labor)


Base Price Excludes:

  • Shipping and installation costs
  • Any taxes, tariffs or fees which may be applicable


Prices assume sale within the United States of America only. International prices may vary.